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Eco-feeling at GAMBS


Eco-feeling at GAMBS - ArtLife Magazine


Paris - The boutique, situated on 60 Boulevard Beaumarchais in the 11č arrondissement and facing the iconic design concept store Merci, roots its identity in editing, discovering and creating pieces which deliver the natural edges and materials of the world for the beholder to palate. Pieces by various international designers (Asaf Weinbroom, SKITSCH, Doreen Westphal…) are displayed alongside GAMBS by Hervé Gambs, and present more than a manufacturing process which is harmonious with nature in its ecofriendly ethic. Each object celebrates discovering the potentialities of nature’s purest forms and materials as an inexhaustible source for aesthetic inspiration. Raw material is what is highlighted. Nude yet sophisticated, the pieces delight with their peculiarity and surprise with their warmth and familiarity. Objects whose forms are sculpted with an elegant precision, entirely composed but also mimetic of the materials the world is made of (such as the center-pieces by DM, reminiscent of twigs and sea sponges, lungs of the earth and waters), translate a fascinating gaze which rests on elements of beauty which we may never have envisaged in the world. Unique creations by Hervé Gambs include his hand-crafted and painted floral compositions and miniature porcelain sculptures for design gardening.

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by Noemie Marmara | Monday, 25 June 2012

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