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Swedish Design : Artful Accidents for Svenskt Tenn


Swedish Design : Artful Accidents for Svenskt Tenn   - ArtLife Magazine


Stockholm - When Estrid Ericson, owner of an interior decoration boutique in Stockholm met with architect Josef Frank in the 1930’s, this was the genesis of a collaboration which was to become one of the most influential and successful agents of Swedish design history. Through Svenskt Tenn ("Swedish Pewter"), Josef Frank and Estrid Ericson imagined a decorative style whose success transgressed aesthetic ideals of its epoch. It has carried itself across Swedish borders and the trials of time, continuing today to live through contemporary gusto. It takes root in an inventive combination of Viennese elegance and Swedish functionalism.

The originality of its designs, compounded with the structure of the company itself, make for its distinction. Svenskt Tenn belongs to the Kjell Foundation and to Märta Beijer, whose missions are to promote scientific and medical research in Sweden as well as to perpetuate the cultural and artistic values of traditional Swedish interior design.

Singling out elements from various periods and styles with audacity, Svenskt Tenn can be recognised through design trademarks of ingenious flair: rich, vivid and elegant colours and patterns, which fuse the simple with the sophisticated. The Josef Frank textile designs, of sumptuous floral and natural inspiration, remain timeless and unique. Envisioning an alliance of finesse with utility in furniture, of a purification of space with the enrichment of detail, the collaboration has given shape to avant-garde pieces which strike with their versatility and power of embellishment, as full-fledged ornamental objects. A combination which they keenly explained as “Accidentism” or “The Happy Chances Philosophy.”

Svenskt Tenn's shop is situated at Strandvägen in Stockholm, Sweden. The products are available online and delivered worldwide on Svenskt Tenn's web shop

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by Noemie Marmara | Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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