Art Life Magazine is an independent information website, based out of New York, and launched online in 2012. Our magazine provides high quality articles on the latest trends and developments occurring in the art and culture industry. We offer up-to-the-minute news and critiques on art, architecture, design and culture by Art Life’s visionary writers. Art Life Magazine has an approach that gives a new dimension to the cultural and lifestyle publications that already exist. Art Life Magazine has experts in each field internationally based in Paris, London and New York, which offer privileged coverage on the latest news fused with a unique comprehension of the cultural world. Art Life Magazine offers a global perspective on the art industry focusing on art, architecture & design and fashion. In addition, Art Life has a section devoted to social trends, the latest attractions, and special events. Each section of our magazine is presented in a streamlined manner, which allows an easy navigation of the website to the reader. Art Life has additionally added a video and photo gallery for the sections dedicated to the traditional artistic disciplines of art, design and architecture. Readers can browse through the photo gallery to experience a quick tour of an exhibition or an event or have a view on an artist’s work. With this addition, Art Life strives to provide the reader with not only the written content but also visually enhance their experience while visiting Art Life Magazine online. Another major section of Art Life Magazine is the Q & A, which distinguishes Art Life from other cultural magazine. This section is dedicated to one on one interviews with professionals in the industry, in order to contextualize the art world. Our agenda section is quite unique, it enables galleries and museums to register and post announcements on their upcoming openings and exhibitions. This way our reader not only can stay up to date with our up-to-the-minute news but also, find out the upcoming local events around the city. The authors of Art Life Magazine have their own distinct writing style. Art Life Magazine mixes breaking news with art criticism with the main objective of providing content about the creative scene. Immersing themselves in their cities, Art Life Magazine authors aim to distribute pertinent coverage on their local art life.


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