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Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition in Soho


Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition in Soho - ArtLife Magazine


New York - From June 8th to June 15th 2012, the exhibition « The little black jacket : Chanel’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld » is paying homage to the classic black jacket from the Maison Chanel. For this project, previously exhibited in Tokyo, 109 celebrities and personalities of both sex and all ages have been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld wearing the iconic piece. The « the little black jacket » was created in 1954 by Coco Chanel, and has been described by Lagerfeld as : « A woman’s clothing inspired by a men’s jacket, a symbol of the feminine elegance ».

Carine Roitfeld was the stylist for the photoshoot, and tailored every photograph to match each personality. In the photograph of the french actress Virginie Ledoyen, part of the french bourgeois, she is represented in a Marie-Antoinette style. The corsican supermodel Leatitia Casta displays the little black jacket wearing a mantilla, which is the traditional veil from her region. While the Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger, is the epitome of sex and rock and roll. With Vanessa Paradis the jacket mirrors a « french lolita style. »

The jacket takes on a more ethnical role on the African model Akuol De Mabior, as Roitfeld styles her as an african queen. While the polish model Anja Rubik is turned into a Geisha. Uma Thurman and Marlene Dietrich’s classic poses are reflections of the timelessness of Chanel’s little black jacket, and its iconic status in fashion today.

« The Little Black Jacket » Chanel exhibition illustrates the jacket’s multiple uses and how it can be worn by anyone, day or night and will still capture the chic, femininity of every woman.

The Little Black Jacket exhibition is located at 18 Wooster Street and runs from June 8th only until the 15th, 2012. It will be on view in Taipei from June 16th to July 8th and in Hong Kong from July 7th to July 12th, 2012

Lifestyle - Fashion
by Margaux Bazzali | Friday, 08 June 2012

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