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Calvi on the Rocks Festival : How to Enjoy Electronica on the Beach!


Calvi on the Rocks Festival : How to Enjoy Electronica on the Beach! - ArtLife Magazine


Calvi - From July 6th to 11th, Calvi on the Rocks, the most anticipated summer electronic music festival was held in Calvi. The city of Calvi is located on the island of Corsica, by the Mediterrean Sea, known as the "Island of Beauty". The festival transforms Calvi into an island of rock sounds and electro rhythms.

This year was the festival’s tenth anniversary, and it celebrated by having some of the best French and international electronic bands perform. Performances featured bands like The Rapture, Nicolas Jaar, Sebastian Tellier, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, the Whitest Boy Alive, the Hacker and Breakbot, just to name a few. During its six days, over 12,000 people attended the festival to get lost in the electronica on the beach. Some of the DJ sets even lasted until 7 am in the morning!

The Corsican festival is undoubtedly the best destination event to attend in the early summer; its unbeatable program of the best electronic names in the music industry paired with its paradise location makes it truly an unforgettable experience!

Lifestyle - Spectacle
by Carly Robinson | Thursday, 12 July 2012

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