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A Beach Escape in Calvi, Corsica


A Beach Escape in Calvi, Corsica - ArtLife Magazine


Calvi - Calvi in Corsica, is one of the most popular destination in France. Heralded the « Island of Beauty » its land area is only 12,05 square miles with a population of 5,409. Calvi truly is a small paradise in the mediteranean sea, with its fabulous beaches there is an endless amount of fun and activities to be had.


Calvi used to belong to the Republic of Genova. The motto "Calvi semper fidelis," ("Calvi Always Faithful") is the proof of the fidelity Calvi had for Genova. But in 1768, after the Treaty of Versailles was signed between the Republic of Genova and France, Corsica became French. The population did not submit easily to the French Monarchy causing revolutionary moments led by Pasquale Paoli. The « siege of Calvi » took place during the French Revolution when the British forces, under Admiral Nelson, seized the city. It was during the bombardment of Calvi that Nelson lost his eye.
Then, in 1794 Corsica broke all ties with France and became English, however this lasted for only two years. In 1796, the English people abandoned the island, fearing a war against Napoléon, who wanted to regain his island.

Activity / Distractions

The city offers a plentitude of daily and evening activities. The beach of Calvi is known as one of the most beautiful and enjoyable in Corsica, with its many restaurants and the pinewood that surround it. One of its charms is that you can travel from the city to the beach by foot !
By car or by train you can go to the « Pain de sucre » which is a really good restaurant where you can enjoy innovative cuisine and fresh fish. It is located on a beautiful little cove on the outskirts of the city when taking the road towards Lumio.
If you leave the city by its other road towards Ajaccio, right before the Revelatta, you can find « La plage du Petit Prince »( The Litlle Prince’s Beach) famous for its sparkling clear blue waters. By taking the road towards the airport, you’ll access to a Resort Hotel Spa named « La Signoria ». Even if you don’t want to stay here, the place itself is worth a visit for a drink, dinner or a spa treatment.

At night, the marina and the city center offers a large selection of different restaurants. However, if you want to enjoy typical Corsican food, the best place to go is « A Piazzetta ». I would reccommend trying the mint and Brocciu cheese omelett, the bocconcini , and the Canastrelli Tiramisu.

Later in the night, start by having some great cocktails at one of the many bars on the marina. If you are more adventurous, go to the Citadel and you’ll find « Chez Tao », an atypical place which offers one of the greatest views of the bay of Calvi at night. You can enjoy your drink on the terrace, or inside while listening to live corsican music.

Still not tired ? Let’s go to « The Camargue » or « The Acapulco » (the biggest outside nightclub in Corsica) you’ ll find them on the road towards Calenzana.


There are many differents spots to visit in Calvi.
You must visit the Citadel of Calvi(built in XIII Century) , it ‘s a place full of history which offers superb views of different parts of the area. You can,among other things, visit the Cathedral and the Oratorical, or just parade around in this preserved old town.

By taking the road going along the sea toward Ajaccio, you can also go to « Notre Damme De La Serra ». It is the climax of the city, from where the statue of the Virgin Mary stands protecting the Corsican people. In this very wild environment you’ll see only a beautiful little chapel, but its overlook allows you to see the entire city and bay area. You will also the surrounding little villages in the mountains, which are much more representative of authentic Corsican life.

If you go to the marina, you can partake in one of the guided tours to the natural reserve of Scandola, which features scuba diving as one of its activities.


For the past ten years in July, Calvi has hosted their famous festival « Calvi on the Rocks » which goes for approximately one week. During this time, the city is animated by electronic concerts and big parties everywhere. The festival has been qualified as « one of the must go musical events of the year » and receives internationally reputable electionric artists, and emerging talent.

In October, the « Festiventu » (« Wind Festival ») invades the city, which is well known to be a very windy time. This festival is mixing music in the streets, with public installations running with wind. Adding a touch of pedagogy and motivations for ecology.

Calvi on the Rocks: July 6th - 11th, 2012
Wind Festival: October 27th - 31st, 2012

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by Margaux Bazzali | Monday, 02 July 2012

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